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Tanzania can truly claim to be the home of the "safari" since the word is Kiswahili (Swahili) for a journey.

And there's no better place to enjoy the enriching wildlife experience than Tanzania. The country's game viewing experiences are widely regarded as the best in Africa.

It is the place to see seemingly endless herds of wildebeest (gnu) and zebras trekking across the plains on their annual migrations - followed by the predators, lions, cheetah and hyena.

It's elephant country, boasting some of the largest populations in the world. And it is home to chimpanzees, now so rarely seen in the wild.


National Parks


* Download Brochure - Tanzania National Parks (English version, PDF)

* For more information please visit the following sites: Tanzania National Parks.


National Reserves


* Download Brochure - Ngorongoro Conservation Area (English version, PDF)

* For more information please visit the website of Tanzania Tourist Board.